Ownership Perks

  • Going to the barns to see your horse
  • Talking to the trainers and jockeys
  • Watching morning workouts
  • Being in the paddock with your fellow partners pre-race to soak in the pageantry
  • Feeling the rush of adrenaline as your horse thunders towards the finish line
  • And best of all, attending the winner’s circle!

Here is how it works….

All of our partnerships assume the structure of a Limited Liability Corporation. LLCs offer the legal protection of a corporation combined with the ability and opportunity for members to take advantage of benefits associated with a partnership. Every partnership has its own LLC registered individually with the State of Illinois and the IRS.

Either by auction, private purchase or via the claim box, Dare To Dream Stable will acquire a horse or horses. The goal/objectives of each particular venture will be known up front (ie, claiming, auction, private purchase, one horse, multiple horses, etc.). Once the objectives for a particular venture have been determined, the venture will be published on this site with a summary of the important details. The pricing and other details of each venture will vary in accordance with the goals and objectives for the particular venture. However, each venture will share these characteristics:

All the partners share in income and expenses in proportion to their capital investment. We raise enough capital at the outset so that we hope to avoid frequent cash calls for expenses. If we make a profit in excess of what is needed to maintain a 3 month expense reserve, we will make a distribution of the excess cash.

There are no ongoing monthly management fees. (In some other partnerships, these fees can be $1,000 a month per horse, or more.). The managing partner is reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses only. The managing partner will get a bonus (in the form of a percentage of purse money earned by the stables horses as per each partnerships agreement) if our horses are successful.

We contribute up to 1% of all our purses to race track charities, including organizations for the care and adoption of retired race horses, backstretch workers and their families, and funds for injured and disabled jockeys & exercise riders.